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Expectations, to be or not to be?

Expectations, to be or not to be?

Expectations. I have struggled with accepting outcomes when I have my expectations set, and I set expectations all.the.time. For this year I had a goal of focusing more on the joy of the journey, as opposed to focusing on what I thought the journey should be.

  When we decided to close our clothing boutique, finish the renovation of our home, sell our home, and downsize into a travel trailer, I knew I would have to work hard at letting things be and not focusing on my expectations. Our timeline for having our house ready to list got pushed back by two months, but that ended up being okay because the perfect family wound up buying our house. Our plan for after the house sold, was to find the perfect RV, demo, renovate and move in within a month to two months of hard work. Well, here we sat, still bunking with my parents(thanks mom & dad!) four months later while we figured out how to fix our RV(we ran into unexpected issues after we had purchased it) so we could start to renovate it. 

I have scoured blogs and RV forums for the past two years, and everything I read said to make sure you have your RV inspected prior to purchasing it. So that is what we did. And she received a clean bill of health. We started the demo, ran into roadblocks and have been spinning our wheels (well not literally since our TT is stationary haha) on if this was something we could repair ourselves or not, and then trying to find an honest RV repair company that was mobile. 

     This has been a pretty difficult process and we reached out to our insurance company for further help. We were in the process of getting our TT towed into Camping World for an estimate of what these repairs would cost, when a hurricane came through our area. Our TT survived but we were limited with towing options as everyone as been helping the hurricane victims as much as possible (understandably). So we have been stalled out (haha another road reference joke) for a bit. I am excited to announce that our TT was towed in today and hopefully before the end of the year we will have a new action plan on what it is going to take to get her where we can move in. We have been through so many emotions but right now are at let’s go with the flow and see where it takes us.

Meanwhile as we were trying to figure out what to do while we waited and feeling stuck and defeated, the cutest little cottage became available to rent. It’s small, it’s quaint, it’s adorable, it’s only one bedroom(!) and when I was a little girl I always dreamed of living there one day. Well now I do! We officially moved in last weekend, and while we are still settling in, we are all loving having our own space again to decorate, have dance parties and somewhat unpack some boxes in. 

     I am already dreaming of ways to make this temporary rental our home, because y’all know I can not help but make our spaces pretty and happy. But this will all be done on a budget and be non permeant fixes since it’s a rental. Which makes it more of a challenge, but also all the more fun!

     This is definitely not where I expected to be or where I thought we would be spending Thanksgiving this year, but with letting go of what I expected, I have found peace in just being and okay with not having to have a plan. Our plan right now is I don’t know the plan haha. So I hope you continue to follow along to see How We Life tiny cottage style!

Our New Home

Our New Home